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Our brand “PS Standard” is a commitment to prioritizing unparalleled value for our clients and partners through a relentless pursuit of excellence, efficiency, and innovation.

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Experience unparalleled quality – Leading provider in Thailand's Water and Electrical Authorities. With over 20 years of expertise, delivering excellence at an affordable price.


  • Common HDPE Pipe Types
  • What are ID OD for pipes
  • What are HDPE Sheet
  • What is PB Pipe
  • What is HDPE Pipe
  • Pressure Nominal of Pipes
  • Common HDPE Pipe Types

    This article de͏lves into the com͏mon ͏HDPE pipe types,͏ hig͏hlighting their unique characteristics and applicatio͏ns.

  • What are ID OD for pipes?

    Choosing the right pipe is crucial in projects, and understanding the values of ID (Internal Diameter) and OD (Outer Diameter) play a vital role in flow calculations, weight bearing, and pipe installations.

  • What ͏is HDPE Sheet or Geomembrane?

    What i͏s H͏DPE Sheet or G͏eomembrane? Definition, ͏Composition Applications of HDPE Geomembrane

  • What is PB Pipe?

    Introduction PB (Polybutylene) pipes, also known as PB pipes, are popular materials in many industries due to their high durability and flexibility.

  • What is HDPE Pipe?

    High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are among the most versatile and widely ͏used piping solut͏ions globally, particularly in the Thai-͏Asia region.

  • Pressure Nominal: What You Need to Know

    This article aims to provide comprehensive information about PN in PB pipes, including its calculation, meaning, and how to appropriately choose the correct PN.

Industries We Serve


Our HDPE and PB pipes, are used in country wide water distribution networks, drainage, and sewerage systems.


Our HDPE pipes are preferred in large scale agriculture and aquaculture farming across the Asia.


Our HDPE pipes are trusted in critical industries, oil and gas pipelines, chemical and food processing organisations.


Our high quality HDPE pipes, are used for toxic waste and harmful liquids transportation within mines.


Our industry-leading HDPE pipes are used in critical megastructures around Asia, including dams, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability.


Our durable HDPE pipes guarantee reliability in transit projects, including sky/metro trains, highways, and tunnels, contributing to efficient transportation systems.


Our HDPE pipes drive Asia's green transition by safeguarding wires in solar farms and optimizing cooling systems in traditional power plants.